Oceanport, NJ | Engagement Session

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    Christine & John | Engagement Session

    Monmouth Racetrack; Oceanport, NJ


    Tell us a little about yourselves!

    John is a family law attorney, and Christine is finishing her Master’s degree in counseling before (hopefully) going onto doctoral studies in Psychology.  We will be Mr. and Mrs.Paone in September 2017.

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    How did you meet?

    We are an online success story!  Back in 2014, John was working at the Attorney General’s office, while Christine traveled the country as a campus recruiter.  Conventional methods of dating just weren’t fitting into our hectic schedules. We are proof, though, that the perfect date might live just a few miles away—but you may need to use technology to find them!

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    How did he propose?

    John arranged a beautiful evening in Spring Lake, with a scenic walk and romantic dinner (with blue moscato).

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    What is something you are looking forward to your new future together?

    We are always learning from one another, and we’re excited to continue introducing each other to new pastimes.  John plans to teach Christine to golf, and Christine is eager to take her groom to more ballroom dance lessons and wine tastings.  Sharing in each other’s passions has helped add some laughter to our wedding planning while bringing us closer together.

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    What is one thing that your significant other does that always makes you smile?

    We have the same answer for this one : )  Feeding Peanut Butter, our neighborhood cat.

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    What is your favorite memory together?

    Our engagement shoot at Monmouth Park!  We had a blast with Jeff and Crystal as we explored one of our favorite summer hangouts.  Our very first kiss was out on the mini golf course at Monmouth Park, and we felt there was no better place to take our pictures than back where the romance began.

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