New York, NY | Engagement Session

    Hilary & Adam | Engagement Session

    Central Park; New York, NY

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    How did you meet?

    Hilary and Adam met through mutual friends. Adam lived in Baltimore at the time and Hilary was in NYC.  She was invited down to celebrate New Years with her friend and that’s where she met Adam.  Even though they were over 3 hours apart, Adam made his way to New York and the two had an amazing time together, with Hilary taking them to Central Park, a comedy club, and some unforgettable restaurants and bars. The next thing you know, Hilary is making her way down to Baltimore to visit Adam. The long distance relationship had officially begun, and the rest from there is history. The trips and adventures became more frequent and eventually Adam made the big move to live on the Upper West Side in NYC with Hilary. Their two lives seamlessly began to merge into one and their love grew to another level.

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    How did he propose?

    On March 18th, 2017, Hilary was completely surprised when Adam took her to Sala One Nine, the same restaurant they had gone to on their very first date. It was on this night that Adam proposed to Hilary in front of their families and their future together was officially set. They were surrounded by the people they love the most who witnessed one of the most important days of their lives.

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    Do you have a favorite activity together?

    They both love exploring New York City together and traveling.  They love walking through Central Park and trying new foods.

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    What is something you are looking forward to your new future together?

     They are very excited to start a family in the future.  They also can’t wait to get a dog and a cat!  They look forward to celebrating each year as a happily married couple and cant wait to see what else the future brings.

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    Do you have a special song? What is it and why?

    The first concert Adam and Hilary went to together was the band Kongos. Adam introduced Hilary to their music, and she surprised him with concert tickets on Valentine’s Day. They loved the concert and connected through some of their songs, especially “Escape.” Adam has a huge passion for music and going to concerts, which has rubbed off on Hilary too!  They love a wide variety of songs, from the romantic “Just the Way You Are” by Billy Joel to the fun and upbeat “Hand Clap” by Fitz & the Tantrums.

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    What is your favorite memory together?

    They will always remember their first trip together to Florida.  They had an amazing time at the beach and eating breakfast on their beautiful balcony.  They also loved their trip to Punta Cana and they look forward to many more adventures together.


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    And a special shout out to…

    A huge thank you to Crystal for doing an amazing job with Hilary’s hair and make up.  http://www.crystalaleman.com/

    Hilary and Adam would also like to thank Hilary’s sister Sam for being there the day of their engagement photos.  We love you Sam!! 🙂

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