Monmouth Battlefield Park, Manalapan, NJ | Engagement Session

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    Katelyn & Nick | Engagement Session

    Monmouth Battlefield Park in Manalapan, NJ



    How did you meet?

     We met in 8th grade when we were 13. We sat next to each other in math class. We became best friends and dated throughout high school and college.



    How did he propose?

    It was a Wednesday, one of the hottest days in August. We both had the day off and since we work so much and rarely get a day off together we decided to go into the city to have dinner and walk around. I was actually really against it, being so hot and that I am always in the city for work but he convinced me by making reservations for dinner somewhere and not telling me where. When we got to the city his directions for the restaurant location led us to central park. Neither of had actually ever been to central park before, believe it or not, so on one of the hottest days in August we walked around central park and got lost. Sweated my makeup off. We couldn’t find the restaurant and ended up on the complete opposite side of the park. To cool off we found ourselves in the Museum of Natural History. While we were there I decided to look for other restaurants in the area because I didn’t think we would ever find this restaurant in the middle of Central Park and heading back into the scorching hot abyss sounded awful. We found a Mexican cantina restaurant that was nearby and ALMOST went there before we decided trying to find the restaurant again ONE more time. We hopped in a cab and asked the driver to get us as close as possible to the restaurant and finally, we found it. His reservation was at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. We had 5pm reservations so we were the first in line. They sat us near the water. The food was amazing, and naturally we took pictures of every meal. When dessert came after I was taking a picture of the deliciousness for Instagram the waiter asked if the two of us would care for our picture taken. Obviously I said yes so we stood up and took a picture by the lake. The waiter snapped a few pictures and then proceeded to give the phone back to us when Nick asked if he could take one more with his phone. So I fluffed my air and got into my picture taking position when I noticed Nick had a really shiny ring in his hand and I screamed. I was so shocked I couldn’t believe he pulled off this amazing surprise! I was so shocked I think I blacked out. But luckily, the waiter took video without us asking. Nick hadn’t told anyone he was going to do this so even the waiter was surprised!


    When did you know that they were the one?

    We’ve been inseparable since we were 13.  We’ve been there for each other through all life’s ups and downs, no matter where life takes us we’ve always been there for each other.  It’s hard when you meet your soul mate when you’re 13, you still have a lot of growing up to do, but our love has truly stand the test of time.


    Is there something that always reminds you of each other?

    We always see a recurring number, in random places and in random unexplained ways, the number 222 always appears. Whenever either of us see it somewhere it always reminds us of each other. The day we got engaged the winning lottery number for the pick three was 222.


    What is one thing that your significant other does that always makes you smile?

    Katelyn: when he leaves me little notes that I find when I come home from work 🙂

    Nick: I smile when I see her taking care of our dog, she’s a great dog mom.


    What is your favorite memory together?

    We’ve known each other since we were 13 so we have a lot of memories together but I would say two of the most memorable memories in our relationship together has to be when we got our dog Bentley 9 years ago and moving into our home together last year. Our home together with Bentley is the happiest place on earth


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