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    Alyssa & Peter | Wedding Day

    Grand Marquis; Old Bridge, NJ

    How did you meet?

    It all began July, 3 2012 when Peter arrived on what he thought would be a one on one date with a pretty blonde but when he arrived he was surprised to see Alyssa with a group of friends.  Alyssa knew after that night that there was something about Peter that she didn’t want to let go. He was a gentleman to say the least, he was polite, friendly, eager to get know Alyssa and her friends, and kept by her side the whole night. He walked her to her car and that’s where they had their first kiss. They both didn’t want the night to end so when they both got home, they stayed on the phone with one another until they both began to fall asleep and said goodnight.  Now, let us back up a couple of days or should we say years on how Alyssa & Peter met and how that first date became about. They both grew up in Marlboro, NJ with about a 5 minute commute to one another’s houses.  Peter graduated Marlboro High School with Alyssa’s Brother Jay, They both knew of each other and Peter and Alyssa’s Brother Jay had mutual friends in High School and would hang out here and there.  Now fast forward 15 years later when one of Peter’s best friends Rob who also graduated high school the same year as Peter and Alyssa’s brother Jay buys a house with his wife Melissa in the same development as where Alyssa grew up with her parents. Alyssa and Melissa were friends in High School and still kept in touch. When Peter found out where they bought a house, he turned to his friend and said “ Do the Faigins still live there, I remember Alyssa and she was so pretty.” So next thing you know Alyssa gets a text from Melissa and we all know what happens next. It was love at first sight.

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    How did he propose?

    Peter had received tickets from Alyssa to see his favorite comedian in Red Bank NJ for his birthday. He had purchased the engagement ring weeks prior and was waiting for the right moment to propose. As the days got closer to the comedy show, he decided he was going to propose the night of the show. His initial plan was to email the comedian and ask if he may propose at the show.  He never got a response from the comedian. In hindsight, he was glad he did not propose at the show.  It wasn’t the “right crowd” for that special moment.  March 3, 2016 finally arrived and Peter went to Red Bank earlier in the day to check out a few restaurants. He spoke with staff and management at every place he visited.  When he finally chose the restaurant, he sat with the manager and devised a plan of action.  Peter also hired a photographer to catch every moment.  Upon arrival to the restaurant, the manager sat them in the “designated table” which had been chosen earlier in the day during Peters meeting. The photographer was already sitting at the bar across from the table.  The waitress had been informed to bring out champagne at the end of the meal.  That was the photographers signal that Peter was going to propose. He was shaking and Alyssa knew something was not right but Peter pressed on and got down on one knee. The photographer caught everything and stayed with them for an hour walking around Red Bank to get engagement pictures. It was night that they both will remember forever.

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    What is something you are looking forward to your new future together?

    Alyssa and Peter are so fortunate to come from awesome families. They have 4 nieces and 2 nephews and can’t wait to add to the clan. They both have siblings and Peter was fortunate to grow up so close with his cousins and they want that more than anything for their own kids one day. They can’t wait to become a Mommy and a Daddy.

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    Do you have a special song? What is it and why?

    Lucky by Jason Mraz and ColbieCaillat

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    When did you know that they were the one?

    There was something about the night that they met for which they both wanted nothing more but to see each other as much as they can but it was on their 1st vacation they took together. After spending a week on a ship in a tiny cabin and not wanting to kill the other, it was then when they knew “I’m going to marry this person.”

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    What is your favorite memory together?

    Valentines Week of 2014 was the best vacation that Peter and Alyssa took. It was a vacation that they will both remember forever. They took a cruise to Bahamas and Florida and ‘til this day  theyremember that was the reason the 2 of them fell so in love with one another. When they came home, they knew it was time to talk about the next step of their relationship. 2 months later they moved in together and started the next chapter of their lives together.

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    Alyssa & Peter’s Wedding Vendors

    Dress Store: Barefoot Bride in Red Bank, NJ (Designer: Mikaella)
    Make Up Artist: LV Makeup Artist (Lauren Siet Vena)
    Hair Stylist: Belle of the Ball by LilyAnna (Lily Belfer)
    Venue: Grand Marquis, Old Bridge NJ
    Band: The Nines NJ
    Flowers: Marquis Florals By Kim




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