Louise & Jarrell | Engagement Session St. Stan’s Carnival in Sayerville, NJ How did we meet? In 2006 we both attended Katherine Gibbs school but for different majors. We ended up having one class together called career development. We NEVER talked, just exchanged smiles when passing each other in the halls. I found him on MYSPACE!!! And requested him as a friend. I used to drive a red Mitsubishi Eclipse that I had crashed a few years prior to meeting, but notice he drove a black one at the time. So, I used that to start a conversation. Some corny pick up line.. “I see you drive an Eclipse, I used to have the same one”… It WORKED! We started talking and he was HOOKED!! Lol. How did he propose? As tradition my family and I went to our annual Breakfast with Santa at the Jumping Brook Country Club in Colts Neck, NJ. The year before I sat on Santa’s lap and told him what I wanted for Christmas.. a beautiful engagement ring!! So, on December 6, 2015 a year later Santa called me over, sat me down and asked if I ever got that special gift? My response was […]
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